Green Almond Stages

Green Almonds are a delicious delicacy, popular in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, as well as with chefs around the world who use them as both an ingredient and a garnish.

Green Almonds Stage 1

Stage #1

April 1-18 approx:
Almond nutlet is in the gelatinous state and has a texture similar to a grape. The outside hull is covered in a peachlike fuzz. Many prefer green almonds at this stage when eaten whole.

Stage #2

April 19-May 9 approx:
The nut is half-developed, and it is partially in its gel state. Green almonds will now need to be cut open with a paring knife to slit open the fuzzy outer hull.

Green Almonds Stage 2
Green Almonds Stage 3

Stage #3

May 10-June 1 approx:
Once the fuzzy hull has been removed, it will reveal an ivory-colored solid, pliable, tender nutlet. Green almonds will have a smooth, creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor. It is great on salads.

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