What Are Green Almonds?

Green almonds have a distinct but subtle flavor that is hard to pin down, but has been variously described as delicate, grassy, fruity, and even “green.”

Green almonds are available for an 8 week period in the early growing season from April to mid-June. The developing almonds are considered ‘ripe’ for harvest as green almonds.

At this stage, the almonds resemble a tiny, immature version of their cousins the peach or apricot, with a soft green fuzzy hull surrounding the nascent nut.

What are green almonds?

Learn more about green almonds and why they are unique.

Green Almond Stages

As Green Almonds grow into fully matured brown almonds, there are different stages with unique characteristics.

Green Almond Recipes

How to eat and enjoy Green Almonds. We have collected some amazing recipes from our team and across the web.

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Green Almond Recipes

Green Almond Relish

Green Almond season is short but there are many ways you can enjoy them. Priscilla Martel, a Connecticut-based Chef and Food Consultant, created a recipe

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